Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What Do You Do When You Find A Cyst on Ovaries?

What do you do when you find a cyst on ovaries? For sure the first reaction would be shock and disbelief. Then comes the anxiety towards its risks to your health and you begin to wonder if your life would end soon. But when those initial responses subside, what do you actually do to a cyst on ovaries?

Women all over the world who have been afflicted with this illness have sought ways to rid themselves of a cyst on ovaries for good. It is lucky that modern technology have made it possible to expand the treatment options for women.

The Symptoms

Finding the right treatment for a cyst on ovaries vary from one case to another. There are factors in which one treatment would be good for a certain case, but it won’t be appropriate for another.

One factor that affects the treatment for a cyst on ovaries is the symptom. There are women who do not present a single symptom, but then find out that she has a cyst on ovaries. For this, pain relievers will obviously not be prescribed since pain isn’t present. There are some women, however, who experience a whole lot of pain, and for this, they will need pain medications.

Pre or Postmenopausal

It would also matter if the woman is premenopausal or postmenopausal in treating a cyst on ovaries. If the woman is premenopausal and she isn’t complaining of any symptoms that affect her daily activities, then the cyst will only be closely observed for about a month and given the chance to go away on its own. If the woman with a cyst on ovaries is postmenopausal, on the other hand, and she presents inconvenient symptoms with the chance of malignancy, then it should be removed.

The O.C.

The treatment for a cyst on ovaries also includes the use of hormonal contraception. Combined oral contraceptive pills are packed with hormones that regulate the menstrual cycle. These pills help prevent the formation of cysts by preventing ovulation, and in theory, it could also reduce the size of an existing cyst.


When the a cyst on ovaries is unresponsive to conservative treatment, causes a great deal of pain, keeps on growing, doesn’t go away on its own after two months, and looks cancerous over the ultrasound, then it is a candidate for surgery.

With the advancement of technology, women do not have to worry about huge surgical scars on the abdomen from the removal of a cyst on ovaries. Laparoscopic surgery uses small incisions where a thin lighted instrument is passed through. This instrument is then used to visualize the cyst and remove it.

Follow-Up Care

Just because a cyst on ovaries has been removed doesn’t mean that its treatment is over. Continuous follow-ups with the doctor should be made regularly to ensure that it stays out. Gynecologic examinations should also be done at regular intervals, especially for women who have a history of ovarian cysts.

So what do you do when you find a cyst on ovaries? Treat it right away and do the necessary changes in your lifestyle to make sure it doesn’t come back.

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